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Dainik Bhaskar Mall, T-12, 13, Hoshangabad Rd, Zone-I, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016
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Asian Restaurant

The Giant Panda

Experience the True Taste of Asian Cuisine

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The Giant Panda is the most favorite Asian Restaurant in Central India. We believe  to make your food experience a memory

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If you like Asian Food, you will Love The Giant Panda

Our Menu

Every dish at The Giant Panda has it’s own story from the traditional recipes direct from China, to modern updates that tell the history of our team, of our cooks and chefs who have left their mark on our kitchen, and our serving staff and managers who have been ambassadors of hospitality.

Tom Kha

Coconut milk soup favored with Thai herbs

Stir Fry in Choice of Sauce

Chilli Garlic/ Soya Chilli/ Black Pepper/ Black Bean/ Chilli Oyster/ Hot Garlic

Crispy in Spicy Sauce

Veg/ Chicken/ Lamb

Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns marinated with Chinese sauces and cooked in the clay oven

Lotus Stem with Vegetable

Lotus stem stir fried with snow peas, bell peppers and broccoli in chilli garlic sauce

Kra Prao

Thai style minced chicken with chilli basil and kafr lime in say oyster sauce

The Golden Triangle

3 classic favors combined with a special twist. Stir fried vegetables with garlic, ginger & pepper.

Japanese Garlic Fried Rice

Butter garlic Favoured jasmine rice with asparagus, bellpeppers, babycorn garnished with sesame

Fresh Ingredients

Our menu is never done - we find inspiration all around, in new ingredients, new approaches, and fresh takes on old standards.

Healthy Meals

More than a succession of plates, we offer you an experience, a connection between each dish, and Healthy Meals

Fresh Asian Food

Enjoy an adventure through the old world & new world varietals of Fresh Asian Food.

Eating Well

At Central India's Best Asian Restaurant The Giant Panda, we believe every customer have a full sack of sanctification with our best tastes.

The Giant Panda

Reserve your Asian Cuisine Experience

The Giant Panda feature private event spaces perfect for any occasion, as well as the option to book the entire restaurant.

Today’s Best Offer

Have you ever thought to eat Thai food in Central India? The Giant Panda brings to you Thai Curry with coconut milk and Thai herbs


Small Bite

Crispy Corn Kernels is a Batter Fried corn kernels tossed in salt and
pepper style for your small bite.


Specialty of The Giant Panda

Vietnamese Rice paper Rolls i.e. Julienne cut of fresh raw vegetable with bean sprout, peanuts and glass noodles wrapped in
transparent rice sheet served with Vietnamese
dipping Sauce


Try Our Snacks

Grilled chicken marinated with galangal lemongrass and turmeric. Snacks are always best to start your food journey with us.


Exotic Taste

The Giant Panda aim is to have best quality of taste with modern and traditional Asian food


Offer for Desserts

Every experience need a dessert to conclude the best memory. The Giant Panda Menu have best Dessert dishes  curated for you